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Every goal is -1 life but if you miss, you have to be the goalkeeper. Almost this, except instead of hit red time going down the amount of ass needed goes up first round 1, second round 2. On their final juggle they had to say another number and pass to another in the circle. As a Londoner I've always called it "sixty-six", same rules as tmkay but 66 seconds to score.

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Because the standard is you go to 21 goals. Also the clock counted by the keeper stops when it goes 'out of bounds'. The first person to be left with no lives loses. Hit red ass in Red gets her ass fucked in Toilet. Direct hit grants a further shot.

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It's not the stricker that score points but rather the keeper gets subtracted points for each goal depending on the part of the body used to score: One person would start and say a number betweenand the person receiving had to juggle that many times. You have to get a pass in the air, and you have to shoot before the ball touches the ground of course you can pass it on, as long as it's still in the air. It's called loof-ball here in georgia The person who lost all their lives first goes in the middle of the goal, facing the net, with their arse sticking up.

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