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I can't say the Mora or any of them would have necessarily survived the same test on this piece of wood. Has high enough wear resistance that it can be difficult to sharpen using waterstones, due in part to the vanadium carbide. Difficult to finish for a knifemaker. Now he let's Go. But it's going to take some time.

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I have done similar stupid stuff to Busses before and got away with it. But, what Vic did appears "Light" to me. The new Rangers will be made by Ontario Knife Company, so we will see. Now we just need a pic of each of those! But Busse knives are routinely pushed beyond their design limits and live to tell the tale.

Swamp rat hairy carry le
Swamp rat hairy carry le
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Swamp rat hairy carry le

I did not intend to start anything with this test. Them adding a different style of knife swamp rat hairy carry le their inventory does not hurt those who like the tough dogs it just adds some choices. In manufacturing not-so-tough knives, Busse is just one player among many. I even traded the Meaner off and it still looked new But, I expected Jerry to have found a way to maintain a reasonable amount of toughness and decent edge qualities.

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